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Anna Kåri | Death in Birth

PRIVATE 48, p. 78-79 (78-81)
PRIVATE 48, p. 78-79 (78-81)

Anna Kåri, Death in Birth, from PRIVATE 48 – Economic inequalities, pp. 08-11

[J]ust a few hours after entering the largest maternity hospital in Sierra Leone a 26 year old healthy woman dies just after giving birth to a baby girl, her second child.

There was chaos while the nurses and her family scrambled to find a doctor, money and blood while she bled to death. She left behind her parents, a boyfriend, a newborn baby girl and a little boy who still believes that one day she’ll come home. In Sierra Leone 1 woman in 8 dies in childbirth. In Britain it’s 1 in 8200. In Sierra Leone you have to pay for health care. Most women give birth at home and only serious complications lead to hospital admission. The majority of women who die bleed to death.

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