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Yuval Tebol | Faith, land, conflict

PRIVATE 47, p. 16-17 (16-21)
Yuval Tebol, Faith, land, conflict; PRIVATE 47, p. 16-17 (16-21)

Buy PRIVATE 47 [I]n February 2006 I was sent to cover the evacuation of Jewish settlers from the Amona Outpost in the West Bank for the Swiss newspaper Der Bund. Following the experience I had while covering the evacuation, I felt drawn to the topic and decided to focus on it. The issue that caught my attention at the event was the connection between faith and land, and the conflict created by that encounter.

From that point on, the project actually continued under the sign of one event or another containing the same psychological stress created by this encounter. The challenge was to crystallize the atmosphere contained in those ceremonies or religious events, by means of portraits or by catching visual signs connected to the ceremony or evacuation, which in parallel began to create a language composed of images with changing levels of stress. While working on the project I found myself drawn to the poetic and lyrical dimension immanent in the documentation itself.

I was drawn to the psychological and existential aspects connected to religion and also to the deep link between human beings and their land, and between human beings and their souls. One of the things that made it possible for me to identify additional events which contain the same conflict is the structured work process and collection of images from different events I chose to document.

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