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Yonathan Weitzman | Two populations face to face

PRIVATE 47, p. 52-53 (52-55)
PRIVATE 47, p. 52-53 (52-55)

Yonathan Weitzman, Two populations face to face, from PRIVATE 47 – ISRAEL

[E]very ray of hope for peace is lost in the blast of terrorist attacks and the roar from fighter planes. Over the years, Israelis and Palestinians have less fear of war than peace. To each side war represents the hope for definitive victory over the other. Peace means concessions and sacrifice to be made. Which population will give up first?

Time plays in favour of Palestinians. Force is on the side of Israelis. Palestinians hope that their patience will exhaust their opponents’ determination. Israelis have placed their bets on Palestinians’ tiredness for waiting at check-points and for the continuous intrusion in their houses in the middle of the night. The life of these two populations can be summarized in a wait interrupted only by explosions of hate and rage.

At times the daily boredom of hostility is broken by some episodes of joy, brotherhood and complicity. These little glimmers of hope suggest what life could be for these two populations if they were united in facing difficulties and in waiting for an unlikely better future.



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