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Gili Yaari | Land Work

PRIVATE 47, p. 78-79 (78-81)
Gili Yaari, PRIVATE 47, p. 78-79 (78-81)

Gili Yaari, Land Work, from PRIVATE 47 – ISRAEL

26 year old Israeli Shmulik and 40 year old Nazar from the Palestinian city of Tul Karm are working together in the fields of Hefer Valley. They are growing huge fields of wheat, sunflowers and chick-peas. Hefer Valley is located between the coastal Israeli city of Netanya and the Palestinian city of Tul-Karm.

As the work manager of the farm, Shmulik is struggling on a daily basis to save the farm from an economical breakdown, while Nazar struggles to bring food for his ten children in times of endless curfews and rising poverty under the Palestinian Authority. Out there in the fields they find relief from their daily worries. They are free. I have been documenting Shmulik, Nazar and their friends during the summer of 2005.

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