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Elinor Carucci | My mother

PRIVATE 47, p. 30-31 (30-33)
PRIVATE 47, p. 30-31 (30-33)
[E]linor Carucci is known for her relentlessly intimate photographs that capture the private worlds of her family and household. Captured over the last seven years these images show the dynamic and dramatic relationship between mother and daughter, unflinchingly revealed, with a physical closeness that is simultaneously touching and uncomfortably honest.

She says: «my mother was the first person I ever photographed and I still take pictures of her obsessively. From my mother, my natural point of beginning, my work began to extend to the rest of my family and my surroundings. My mother was and is my first connection to the world, the relationship we have is a very special and ambivalent one. I have experienced every possible feeling towards my mother: from worship to criticism, from support to jealousy, from happiness to misery, from love to hate. My mother is the base for many characteristics in me and with the years I see more similarities. She has many faces, and is a source of constant discovery.

She is a mother, a daughter, a wife, a sexual woman, a strong Amazon and a little girl, and I find myself switching roles with her. My photography became a way of sending messages between us, raising questions and starting conversations. The dialogue can exist only through the pictures. The camera says for me what I do not even dare to think. Without my mother’s cooperation, honesty, support and love I could not have taken these photographs.»

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