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Dan Savery Raz | The Leaders

The saddest part of this story was that when I asked them what will they do when these stone cells will get finished, which the engineers had left unused. And these village people neither have much fund nor permissions to blast a portion of that hill again. Really they don't have any answers. They remain silent as well as the valley remains always. Purulia, West Bengal - October 2017

Ah, these are the leaders
These are the leaders –

Madmen in suits.

Believing in numbers, percentages and sanity
Drawing bar-charts to rationalize tanks and air strikes.
Using ‘intelligence’ to fool themselves
with White Papers and dossiers
In dimly lit corridors they meet in murder;
It is not just us and them. I want

An end to war
another world was possible

It has been said, once it was true –
Violence breeds violence.

The lunatics with their economies
Protecting. The lunatics with their rocket launchers
Projecting. Leaders are leading us down
the road
to ruin

we are going   going…

© Dan Savery Raz, The Leaders (From PRIVATE 47, p. 25)

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