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Dan Bronfeld | Poseidon

PRIVATE 47, p. 38-39 (38-41)
PRIVATE 47, p. 38-39 (38-41)

Dan Bronfeld, Poseidon, from PRIVATE 47 – ISRAEL

[T]his marvelous palace consists of wonderful sights of creatures such as dragons and flying doves, and the sounds of morning roosters and beach plant life. It is built with a variety of natural elements, and covered by the remains of glass, plastic and any other man-made objects the sea has given back to the shore.

This fortress may seem obscene to the modern dweller, but to Nicim this is home. Nicim Chlon, the ‘Caveman’, is a sixty-three year old, religious Jewish man. He has been living here for thirty four years, since he started digging through the stone cliff of Sidna-Ali beach, Hrzelia, not far from the beach steps which lead to the public swimming area. Nicim continues expanding his fortress with his bare hands today.

‘The plan was to build something small, modest, something I could live in quietly. I never thought of building such a big complex. It expanded day after day, month after month, year after year. I will come to a restful state only when I die. Till then, as long as I can, I will keep building.’

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