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Abir Sultan | Ultra-orthodox Jewish struggle

PRIVATE 47, p. 44-45 (44-47)
PRIVATE 47, p. 44-45 (44-47)

Abir Sultan, Ultra-orthodox Jewish struggle, from PRIVATE 47 – ISRAEL

[T]his series shows funny, serious, aggressive moments concerning the struggle by ultra-orthodox Jews to keep Jerusalem a Holy site. The main ambition of the new secular mayor, Nir Barkat, is to make Jerusalem an attractive and free city, to bring modern and young spirit to Jerusalem.

The specific fight from the ultra-orthodox in this series took place in order to avoid a new parking place opening ‘Safra’ on Shabbat day (Friday evening until Saturday evening) in the City Hall. Shooting this series wasn’t so easy for me as a Jewish person because taking photos on Shabbat day is considered by the ultra orthodox a big sin and a profanation of this sacred day.



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