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Lars Tunbjörk | Vinter

PRIVATE 46, p. 76-81, © Lars Tunbjörk, Vinter


[L]ars Tunbjörk is still attracted by the commonness of everyday life. However, he exceeded the taste of the anecdote, which characterized his works of the 1980s and 1990s to be more interested in the atmospheres and to report a state of mind.

In this respect, the long Swedish winter, which is the object of the series Vinter, has nothing to do with the immaculate winters featured on postcards and in fairy tales. Just like this laughing snowman, the snow is muddy and filthy. The night seems not to have to end anymore. The alternating of outside and inside defines an anxious geography. Despair even seems to win over those who, at a party, are looking for a derivative to boredom. Lars Tunbjörk’s flash makes no concession; it scrutinizes the ordinary and underlines the grotesque of these situations.

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