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Jean-Christian Bourcart | Traffic

PRIVATE46, p. 14-19, Jean-Christian Bourcart, Traffic


[A]ccording to him, Jean-Christian Bourcart is “a visual vampire, drinking compulsively the image of the others”. Whether it is in brothels, swingers clubs, in cinemas or on the street, he multiplies restricted images. Traffic is a succession of stolen, sometimes accepted, often refused portraits, motorists and public transport users taken in traffic jams of Canal Street in New York. The accumulation of the images represent well the urban multitude.

These close-ups taken with the telephoto lens also reveal the solitude, the isolation of these ghostly faces, blurred by the reflections of lights, prisoners of these «non-places» par excellence who constitute the means of conveyance.
Some, lost in their thoughts, are deeply melancholic. Others escape in sleep. The social mask falls and the artist can then glimpse the truth of everyone.



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