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Mathieu Pernot | Sans titre

PRIVATE 46, p. 68-69, © Mathieu Pernot, Sans titre

Buy PRIVATE 46 [M]athieu Pernot’s work joins the tradition of political art nourished by history and sociology. He proceeds with series, which include many analytical and successive points of view on the main political and social questions of identity and memory, alienation and progress. He was particularly interested in «grands ensembles», this popular housing, which multiplied in France during the Trente Glorieuses to face the population growth.
Following the example of his Implosions, which captured the moment of the destruction of these buildings, this series, commissioned by the CNAP in 2005, created in Cherbourg, Normandy, appears as a metaphor of the end of the popular housing of the 1960s utopia, which returned in spaces of social violence and mental oppression.

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