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Laurence Leblanc | Seul l’air

Laurence Leblanc, Seul l’air - PRIVATE 46, p. 26-27 (26-31)

PRIVATE 46, p. 26-31, © Laurence Leblanc, Seul l’air


[L]aurence Leblanc creates committed but personal works, which cut with the immediacy and the spectacular of the contemporary report. She takes time to become soaked in her subject, which are rarely linked with burning events, to create melancholic, discreet, almost silent images, on the edge of disappearance, which reveal pain, fragility and hope of those she meets during her journeys.

Seul l’air breaks the notions of borders and geographical territories to constitute a new space, that of the photographer who makes conversation, in a subtle game of mental correspondence, photographs taken these last years in Africa, Cuba, Brazil and Madagascar.

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