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Hicham Benohoud | La Salle de classe

PRIVATE 46, p. 20-25, Hicham Benohoud, La Salle de classe


La Salle de classe establishes the work of Hicham Benohoud who, for 15 years, has been questioning mainly the Moroccan Muslim culture, its concept of identity, its relationship to the body, and the weight of conventions and hierarchies. A Professor of visual arts in Marrakesh, he staged his pupils in strange situations. Bodies, sometimes split up, sometimes locked into volumes of cardboard or prisons of wire, express social constraints, which are all the deeper and assimilated so that children seem indifferent to what takes place.

The class is an oppressive space, which hinders bodies and spirits. At the same time, Hicham Benohoud places his pupils in front of a dilemma. Indeed, they have to respect the authority of the professor who obliges them to be free by breaking these social, religious and cultural conventions.

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