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Jeffrey Silverthorne | Boystown, the perfume of desire

PRIVATE 46, p. 70-75, © Jeffrey Silverthorne, Boystown, the perfume of desire

Buy PRIVATE 46 [J]effrey Silverthorne has been accumulating a series on extreme subjects: a slaughterhouse, a morgue, brothels or a community of transvestites and transsexuals. But not out of voyeurism. Rather, Silverthorne seeks a way to further expose himself, to become more vulnerable so as to dive deeper into his own psychology: «I make images to remember, not the purpose, but my own feelings and reactions».
The Boystown series reveals the artist’s taste for the atmospheres that convey «the texture, the smell, the temperature of the places». Associating black and white and color photographs as well as video, Boystown deals at once with the Mexicans who venture across the American border and with the prostitutes of Nuevo Laredo.
The series’ coherency stays in the spirit of the photographer who has cast upon it his taste for the notions of boundaries and transgression.

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