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Samuele Pellecchia| Nam Theun 2 Dam

Samuele Pellecchia (Nam Theun 2 Dam)
PRIVATE 45, p. 52-55, Samuele Pellecchia (Nam Theun 2 Dam)

Samuele Pellecchia, Nam Theun 2 Dam, from PRIVATE 45 – Development. An Ecological Question

In the Nakai Plateau area (Lao PDR), an Italo-Thai-Laotian joint venture, authorized by the World Bank, has begun the construction of gigantic dam “Nam Theun 2” on a tributary of the Mekong river.

The environmental impact of the dam is very heavy: 6 thousand people have been forced to leave their villages without any guarantee of new homes, meanwhile an area of hundreds of square miles has been deforested and flooded.

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