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Paul Fusco | Chernobyl Legacy

Paul Fusco (Chernobyl Legacy)
PRIVATE 45, p. 24-27, Paul Fusco (Chernobyl Legacy)

Paul Fusco, Chernobyl Legacy, from PRIVATE 45 – Development. An Ecological Question

“Chernobyl Legacy” is a deeply powerful and moving book that portrays the terrible consequences of the greatest technological disaster of the twentieth century – the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident. On April 26, 1986, the nuclear reactor in Chernobyl, the Ukraine, exploded, contaminating 56 thousand square kilometers in 19 regions contaminated. Nearly 7 million lives were, and continue to be, affected.

The catastrophe led to numerous human sacrifices, undermined people’s health and irreversible environmental devastation, all of which persists today. “Chernobyl Legacy” is a haunting document of the lives that were ruined, in particular those of the unborn and young children, most of whom have severe genetic disorders and a host of lethal cancers. The book has essays by Adi Roche, founder of the Chernobyl Children’s Project; Michael Douglas, United Nations Messenger for Peace, and United Nations Secretary General Kofi Anan.

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