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Pedro Isztin | In situ

PRIVATE 37, p. 32-33 (32-37)
PRIVATE 37, p. 32-33 (32-37)

Pedro Isztin, In situ, from PRIVATE 37 – an Ecological Question

1998-2001 Canada-USA-Peru
The land, the trees, the sky, the water, the world we have made in the midst of the world as it is. The people we are making of ourselves from the people we are and the people we have been. In the world. in situ. My photographic journey of the Americas explored the connection between people and their environment and brought me to various regions of Canada, the United States, Cuba, Colombia and Peru.

As I set out on my journey, I was in search of what I thought might be there, a universal connection among human souls as they exist in their respective places. I found a ubiquitous element in people despite their differences in culture and geography. We are connected by virtue of a common human spirit that speaks through attitudes and feelings. I encountered harmony, fear, selfishness, wisdom, innocence, joy and sadness. Flashes of humanity. I discovered that despite differences in human circumstance, we share a common spirit that places us within the original rhythm of the body in synchronicity with the original rhythm of the natural world. I came to appreciate that the natural world consists of both flora and fauna and the natural human way in which we have affected it. My images combine organic tokens from the soils of the Americas with symbols of modern life. The old world that changes in its own good time and the fast-changing world we have constructed within it.

These worlds are metaphors of our own existence, of the roots we lay down, then rip up and attempt to plant again, of who and where we think we are, of who we might become and where we might be going. These photographs speak to our individual fragility in the world. They celebrate our individuality and our community in a world that requires mutual support and social solidarity in order to be truly healthy and sustainable.


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