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Mike Berube | Slums of Kenya

PRIVATE 37, p. 64-65 (64-69)
PRIVATE 37, p. 64-65 (64-69)

Mike Berube, Slums of Kenya, from PRIVATE 37 – an Ecological Question

2007 Africa
Africa’s slums are mainly inhabited by people that have traveled in from the countryside looking for a better life. Most of them cannot afford normal housing, so they build shacks made of abandoned wood and plastic.

In an area of about 250,000 people living in a 2,5 square mile radius, malaria, cholera and HIV are very common diseases. The people that live there are very welcoming to visitors. It is a community of workers, who go to work into neighboring Nairobi city centre in order to maintain their family. In general, workers earn between 100 to 200 Kenyan shillings a day, about 2 to 5 U.S. dollars. Most of them hope to get out of the slums, but it is difficult because the government charges such high rent in the slums that many have difficulty keeping up with payments. These photographs examine and witness the daily life within the slum. A place from where many do not escape.




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