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Fabio Domenicali | Remains from the future

PRIVATE 37, p. 46-47 (64-51)
PRIVATE 37, p. 46-47 (64-51)

Fabio Domenicali, Remains from the future, from PRIVATE 37 – an Ecological Question

2004 Italy
I realized this project during some trips I made in winter 2004 through the industrial zones of Veneto and Emilia Romagna, in the North East of Italy. The resulting work aims at documenting the slow and inexorable decay of large industrial complexes and of the workers that worked there, and that used to be the mainstay of Italian economy since the end of WWII till now. Furthermore, in this work I try to communicate through photography my own view of these places. As evocative remains from the future, the factories have now lost their original function, and we can look at them with different eyes. They stand as modern cathedrals, surrealistic landscapes slowly reabsorbed by the contemporary society that wants and needs to forget its past quickly.

Many of the subjects of my photographs have been knocked down, and many soon will be; they will be replaced by residential or commercial areas. Unaware people will walk on the foundations of a lost civilization that has shaped the world we now live in.

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