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Terry a O’Neal | Mama Afrika


Terry a O’Neal, Mama Afrika, from PRIVATE 36 – AFRIKA

Mama Afrika
Make me a necklace
Of shiny malachite beads and brass spheres
That will mark me
Queen of the jungle–
Queen of romance–
Groom me for womanhood–

Mama Afrika
Make me a necklace
To hang from my neck
waist, ankles and wrists
So that I, too, can speak
To my people of the village

Mama Afrika
Make me a necklace
So that I, too, can dance
Well dressed
Across the ancient lands
of Africa

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Terry a O'Neal

Bestselling author, Terry a O’Neal, whose poetry has been published in numerous magazines, journals and newspapers around the world has been named among the most popular African American female writers of our time. Currently, she is an instructor of English, literature, and communications in higher education in the United States.

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