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Odimegwu Onwumere | Ecology


Odimegwu Onwumere, Ecology, from PRIVATE 36 – AFRIKA

One day I left my home
To the evil forest in my land
To see nature as it was
During a dry season.

I saw ants were busy/diligent
Gathering their crust-food.
Each of them goes in, comes out
To gather more of the food.

As I stood on their knoll
Some deviants among them
Were stinging my legs
While the frail among them
Were afraid of the strange leg
On their knoll.

I also saw lizards preying on them.

Another day, I saw the ants were desolate…
The forest have been cut down
In the name of ‘Land deliverance’
By the Protestants.

Now the ants do not have an abode,
They are migrating to our houses
Eating our foods and the reserved foods…
And are sharing our homes with us.

People are complaining?
When man cannot leave nature to be
With his hazardous inventions
Which is the only threat and barricade to nature.

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