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Hassan Nadim | The place

PRIVATE 36, p. 60-61 (60-63), Hassan Nadim | The place
PRIVATE 36, p. 60-61 (60-63), Hassan Nadim | The place

Hassan Nadim, The place, from PRIVATE 36 – AFRIKA

[N]assan Nadim’s photographs show the impossibility to take pictures of a place full of meaning. Space and time, far from being opposed, interlink up to fusion. Both bring other dualities: absence and presence, light and shadow, appearance and disappearance. Going beyond that too obvious dichotomy in order to come close to what is hidden, to get what is imperceptible, to write the ambiguity, was such a sweet suffering.

The result is a greyness with a thousand shades, a pacified life, life sequences, an ethnography of devastation. The pleasure to be here now, together, becomes most significant: movement is then prevailing, fuzziness becomes sharpness, stillness is not as it seems. The photographer’s eye restores the majesty of a place that no-one could depict. (Sakina Rharib)



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