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Takis Zerdevas | Pre-linguistic experimentation

[T]hrough his recent work Takis Zerdevas comes to confront a problem which every artist addressing strictly to the spectatorís visual perception is supposed to manage with sooner or later, i.e. with the relation between an image and an orally expressed narration concerning this very image or, furthermore, with the limits of substituting an image with the words. Zerdevas uses small and defined structural elements conjoined in a way that through an apparent repetition they shape, sometimes by their shadows and sometimes by almost imperceptible differentiations of inner proportions (i.e. transparecy, tonality, sircumscription etc).

The central drawing network becomes the main modulus of distance, of depth and of transgressing the twodimensional limitations. But is this network able to stand as a subsitute of a primary syntactic structure and in which way? Zerdevas ends up in stucturally autonomous images that point out the structure of a visual perception as of a different kind of thn the one of a linguistic formulation, i.e. as clearly pre-conceptual and liberated from the regulative norms imposed by the need for comprehending as the major fuctional finality of any language system at all.
(Regina Argyraki)

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