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Takis Roidakis | Aegean sea

[O]ne great Greek poet, Odysseus Elitis, winner of the 1979 Nobel Prize for literature said, among other things, while soliloquizing in his Self-Portrait: “Thus, for me, bit by bit, the Aegean began to acquire a different weight. It was the omphalos of what we call Greek spirit, it was the values quintessence bearer.

There are places, which are only beautiful. There are others that hold some importance because in their space a certain civilisation flourished. The Aegean combines both. It is something unique, because I do not believe that this continuous penetration between shore and sea exists anywhere else, as well as this purity. Consequently, this is what, on the one hand, gives uniqueness to our physiognomy and one the other uplifts an infinitely, in deep, civilisation, with no vacuum whatsoever”. I trot and take pictures of the everyday life in the Aegean. I try to see beyond contemporary life. I follow its unique light, at times, transparent and angelic, but at others, hard and black light. The Aegean is a matter of light.
(The words “angelic”and “black light” are taken from a verse of the poeme Kichli by the Greek poet G. Seferis)

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