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Aris Georgiou | Blue telephone book / 2001-…/Work in progress

PRIVATE 24, p. 80-81, photo Aris Georgiou
PRIVATE 24, p. 80-81, photo Aris Georgiou

This is the last small pocket agenda that I used to use for about ten years before we got well into the digital era. For quite some time I thought it was my new, shiny, clean little book where I had recently “transfused” all the necessary, mostly telephone numbers, as compared to my older ones. All of a sudden, as I started building up the File Maker Archive in the consecutive lap-tops, I retroactively fell in love with – and I mourned at the same time – my Blue Telephone Book and on its name all the previous ones.

I started preserving not only this item of “material” archive but any kind of personal belonging that linked me tangibly to my past. Lamentable sentimentality as it may sound in our high-tech era, I decided nonetheless not to care and that if inevitably the filed persons amd I had a common past and a common future, it was thanks to both material and immaterial notations. Here they are subsequently, the tirty double pages of my Blue Telephone Book along with its front and back covers. Each time one or more of the noted individuals figure on the left as if they were to illustrate the left page of a book in which the right one figures the notebook. Exceptions to the rule, some non-portrait-images refering to situations related to names, to circumstances, to memories.

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