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Michele Smargiassi (his blog: Fotocrazia on > Born in 1957. He is a journalist since 1982, at the beginning for “l’Unità” and since 1989 for “Repubblica”. He deals with society, culture and photography. He is an author of several texts for exhibitions, catalogues, magazines and collective publications. Among his most recent books: Un’autentica bugia. La fotografia, il vero, il falso (Contrasto, 2009); Ora che ci penso (Dalai, 2011).

PRIVATE 55 | Rurality Now

The last global farmers shelter in rifts and unreachable ravines enveloped in loneliness huddle on the margins and scraps of earth still damp from warm, organic contact and human touch. Precarious land that is alive because of extreme poverty.

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Michele Smargiassi | Rurality now

When they came to tell us that farming without farmers could exist we smiled. But now we have uninhabited expanses of land, mechanization, greenhouse plants untouched by human hand.


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