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Dorit Weisman > is a poet, translator and film maker born in Kfar Saba in 1950, now living in Jerusalem. She won the Prime Minister’s Prize for Israeli writers, 2003, and the Yehuda-Amichi Prize for Poetry, 2003.


A living environment is a defined terrain where actual and imaginative perceptions are mutually experienced. The current flow of global information intensifies the simultaneous sense of personal space, and images

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Dorit Weisman
Looking at a snail the morning after a suicide bombing on Emek Refaim Street

Gray and self assured and solid it moves forward / on its damp and endless journey while yesterday’s ambulances go back and forth / back and forth in my brain…


Dorit Weisman | Sarah

Of all the things in the ad what attracted me / Was the beauty of Sarah / And I stood there, or sat, today, Friday morning, / A winter sun


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