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© Christopher Taylor

Regards sur le Guizhou

Photographies réalisées en 2011 dans la province du Guizhou en Chine, par les photographes Luo Yongjin et Christopher Taylor.

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© Christopher Taylor, Leishan 1,  2011 - © Luo Yongjin, Sun Shade, Zhongbao, 2011

A Vision With Two Eyes

This exhibition allows this friendship to have walls for expression and hopefully it is the beginning of many different projects in China involving many different artists from very different background


Alain Jullien | Photography and Photographers

Big changes are happening in photography today, and we cannot blame digital photography for all of these upheavals. The close connection between photography and reality has not been called into


Photo cover: Boza Ivanovic

PRIVATE 40 | Crossing Boundaries

Through subjects which are hard, frequently morbid and often far from our everyday concerns, these photographers are taking on the primary role of the artist. They are revealing our deepest

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