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Life as wife

I am not sure I have justified this story photographically but it’s my attempt that in fact has opened up my heart to understand other part of my LIFE.



Violence Against Women

25/11/2015 Dhaka,Bangladesh Bangladesh Monirul Alam Nov. 25, 2015 – Dhaka, Bangladesh – Women activists protest demanding elimination of violence against women on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women in front of Central Shaid Minar in Dhaka.Recent global prevalence figures (WHO) indicate that 35% of women worldwide have experienced either […]


They pray to god for their better life.

Behind the wall

Today, when our country, is becoming more powerful, desirable, economical balanced place in world, the position of a women has remained the same, actually it has



In the room

In the room, photo essay by Francesca Cesari A secluded and silent place where a mother puts her child to sleep through breast-feeding. The transition between waking and sleeping, as the fulfillment takes over every resistance and distraction. The mother’s solid presence consciously supporting the baby’s passage into unconsciousness, renewing the ritual, everlasting gestures of […]


QANDIL, Kurdistan, 2013: Two female PJAK guerrillas walking trough the Qandil mountain

Maryam Ashrafi | Kurdish women fighters

Their battle, I believe, is harder than that of their male counterparts, as they are not only fighting for their basic rights as Kurds, but also as women, in societies that are heavily male-dominated.


© Marianna Ciuffreda

Marianna Ciuffreda | Women are the backbone of Africa

On paves, tortuos and uphill roads, or unpaved and dusty ones, under scorching sun, with mud under their feet, I met young and old women.


Nor Shahirah just started wearing a veil and felt secure when in public space (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia-April 15 2013)

Khairil Safwan | Faith and Honour

My project discoverd the issues which hover over the head covering worn in public by some Muslim women.


Washington, DC - 2012. “Even though it was a split second decision that caused those women their lives, it was not just one decision. My life pretty much sprouted out of control as far as me being teen mother, high school drop out, unemployed, drug addicted, alone; I was just immersed in the life of crime.” Lashawna Etheridge-Bey, a 39-year-old resident of Washington, DC, spent half of her life in prison for a double murder. She was paroled in December 2011.

Gabriela Bulisova | Time Zone

“People say you did your time, you paid your debt, and you deserve to forgive yourself. But is there really a debt that you can pay?”


Beirut. Lebanon. April 2012. Walking on Le Corniche

Linda Dorigo | Women under siege

Lebanese women can not transmit citizenship to foreign husbands and children. 35.000 are married to foreigners, and there are over 100.000 non-citizens on a population of almost four million inhabitants.


Lita's hospital, September 2011. The Ituri District is in the north-east of the DR Congo, bordering with Uganda and South Sudan. In 2011, DRC ranked again at the last place in the UN's Index of Human Development.

Nanni Fontana | Article 15: debrouillez-vous

Electricity and an ambulance. Drodro’s hospital, framed into the forest that covers the hills in Oriental Congo, has both these commodities, a rarity in this part of the world. This could be the picture of a lucky infrastructure but it’s not…


ITALY - August 2011. Claudia is seen in her bedroom inside her apartment resting before getting ready to go to her night work.

Francesca Leonardi | Claudia

Claudia arrived to the Coppola village approx. 15 years ago. She didn’t need to squat inside an apartment, she came with a man affiliated with a strong Camorra clan.


6 pregnant women wait for the female doctor to examine them and do a check up during their pregnancy. Rural traditions like the bracelets on their arms make a prenatal consultation difficult for the doctors. In emergencies these customs cause many problems and take up precious time. Mithi, Tharparkar, Pakistan 2010

Wendy Marijnissen | The Dai

More and more people simply cannot afford the care they need and medicines are beyond their budget, leaving them with no choice but to call in the help of the Dai to assist their delivery.


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