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© Anastasia Taylor-Lind

Workshop with Anastasia Taylor-Lind | Creating intimate long-form narratives

This workshop is directed at photographers interested in working on long-term personal documentary projects with a focus on individual story development.


© Richard Renaldi

Workshop with Richard Renaldi – New York City: a sense of place

The workshop’s main objective is to provide students with a technical and conceptual fluency that they may apply within their own practice.

Berlin, Germany - May 2015. My grandfather, grandmother and my mother in 1939. My grandfather was an SS soldier. Part of the elite military force in Germany at the time. He was put onto desk duty after he incurred many seizures from his brain tumor. This is my grandparents wedding announcement along side some Forget-Me-Nots from the garden.

Whispers in East Berlin

In a time of rising fascism and threats to democracy around the world, this project speaks to the trauma of a government that attacks it’s citizens.


Washington DC - 20 January 2017

Ghost Town (202)

Trump can make up false number counts and WH Press Secretary Sean Spicer can offer up all the rambling attacks on the media that he wants, but photos don’t lie.



Metal on the Side of the Road

I inspected the debris and marveled at the miscellaneous truck beds, car parts, old tools and other items that had been discarded.


Untitled - Anna Maria Island, 2016

Sea Sketches

Immerse yourself in my Sea Sketches “paintings” and escape with me, even for the length of a sigh, from the harsh realities of life and share my happy place.


Peter_Ydeen_01 "I want to Be a Bike"   - Taken in spring 2016 in Phillipsburg, New Jersey

Easton Nights – The Small Hours

Over the last winter Peter Ydeen has been photographing the silent and empty geometries and ethereal energy of the Easton Pennsylvania nights.


A Womman From the House

The Other Side of “Paradise”

The project deals with economic inequality and the life of people in a disadvantaged area in Philadelphia, USA.



Five untitled poems by Simon Perchik

They have no second thoughts / and still your footprints / inch by inch, gradually / made whole the way this shovel / lost its taste for dirt / carries


American Desert - September 2013. Aerial desert landscape "Untitled #01".

“AT 36000 FEET”

An ongoing project of aerial photographs of the US Southwest desert landscape. Images of ancient geological formations and modern human traces.


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