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The First Fortnight of Brexistential Crisis

London, UK - Jun-July 2016. “Old is dying and the new cannot be born” - probably this is the most appropriate phrase to describe the situation of UK after first 15 days of declaration of BREXIT result. Confusions, predictions and expectations are everywhere in everybody’s mind. The First Fortnight of...


40 days of high and low tides

When you shoot, you are mostly interested in understanding something and then reflect on. Not because you have understood something and you want to tell about it, but because the shooting themselves is the way which you go.

Photo exhibition

Borderlands: the Edges of Europe

"A Girl Called Julia, Serbia-Romania border". Borderlands: the Edges of Europe, project by Paola Leonardi Venue details: Waterfront Gallery, Neptune Quay, Ipswich IP4 1QJ, UK Official Website:www.borderlands.eu Event date: from: 14-04-2014 to: 23-05-2014 Opening hours: Monday-Friday 9am -6pm. Artist Talk 29th April 2014 4pm-5pm. Private View 29th April 2014 6pm-8pm EastEurope → Borderlands: The...

PhotoEssays Online

Tom Farmer | A Life Between Brackets

A kind and generous man, I hope that these images show a little of the human cost the complex asylum system has on individuals left in limbo for such long periods of time, not only to their physical circumstance but their mental condition as well.

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