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Damascus, Syria - November 2008

Your final destination? Damascus, Syria

It’s been long 9 years since my last visit to a beautiful country named Syria. The country which gave me wonderful friends, stories.


Refugee children

War and conflict in countries like Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan caused massive migration of their residents to neighboring countries.


Kobane, Syria. 26 Decenber 2014: Armed  fighter of the Syrian Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) are seen on the defense line around Kobane the Syrian besieged border town of Ain al-Arab also named Kobanê.

Kobane frontline

Kobane frontline, photo essay by Jonathan Raa Months of fighting and intense air strikes against jihadi insurgents in Kobane there is victory. Fighters of the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG – YPJ) did retake Kobane also know as Ain al-Arab. With the support from the Iraqi Kurdish peshmerga who have been heavily shelling Islamic […]


Seamus Murphy, PRIVATE 57

Seamus Murphy | What Sustains the Revolution?

The network is the arterial core of the Syrian revolution and the main target for Assad in his efforts to crush dissent.


Al Qusayr, Syria - 2012. A nurse is resting after a day's work.

Giulio Piscitelli | Risking their lives to save lives

After more than a year of violent repression and thousands of deaths, broke out in Syria a real civil war. The FSA rebels are fighting against the army of Bashar Al Assad. The government army bombed major cities every day trying to eliminate the rebels.


Antoine Agoudjian (Burning eyes)

Antoine Agoudjian | Burning eyes. Memory of Armenians

have been working on a photographic project dealing with memory since 1989. Every report leads me to places full of the history of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire where stories from my imagination took place. After the 1988 earthquake in Armenia, humanitarian help was for me the way to enter this symbolic piece of […]


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