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Bandung, Indonesia - Mei 2017. When the afternoon comes

The afternoon people

Activities around can make you aware of something. I take hours to watch what some people do on the green grass. Although what I got was a feeling of emptiness in the crowd.


Kolkata, India - July 2016

Filmy Reality

I started this to capture the contrast between the film posters that dominate the streets with its all radiant glory and between those who live on streets.


Bangalore, India - Jan 2013 - Children playing in old part of Bangalore City


Metro cities in India have a distinct characteristic – busy, chaotic and complex in nature – the skyscrapers, hoardings, the traffic and the crowd



Street with my 5MP friend

Photography is my hobby and there is no boundary on the road. You can catch every moment if you want. Just go close to your subject and capture the moment.


Bijoy shoroni,Dhaka,Bangladesh-March,2016

My city through my phone

I was grown up in Dhaka. Since childhood there lies a fascination for this city.Probably one of the main reasons of loving street photography is because I live in this city.


Old Montreal, Montreal - July 2015

Hi Montreal

Montreal is a city where Canadians feel as foreigners and Europeans at home, an island where sometimes you feel yourself in a North American suburb, other times on a busy New York Avenue, and others in a small town in the north of France.


Vila Madalena, São Paulo, Brasil - April 2015. Poor freedom

Cidade da Garoa

São Paulo is the largest and most populous city of the southern hemisphere; it is also known as the Cidade da Garoa. The Garoa is a fine and quite invisible drizzle.


Lviv, Ukraine - June 2006 Girl with mobile ocassionally encounters a street prayer

Street Theography

Street Theography, the conflict between the intimate nature of faith and the public… (photo essay by Kostya Smolyaninov)


Casablanca / January 2010

Zara Samiry | The thief of Casablanca

In Casablanca, it is difficult to take pictures in the street. Somebody who walks with his camera over the shoulder raises the distrust and sometimes the aggressiveness of the passers-by.


Bologna, Italy, 2011

Gianni Viola | Uncoded

he project Uncoded is concerned with the complexity: the complexity of cities, the complexity of signs to express it. It’s a project of street photography and a work in progress. First, the technique used, “shooting from the hip” to capture on the fly what you “smells” in the streets. This apparent causality in the shot […]


PRIVATE 36, p. 60-61 (60-63), Hassan Nadim | The place

Hassan Nadim | The place

Nassan Nadim’s photographs show the impossibility to take pictures of a place full of meaning. Space and time, far from being opposed, interlink up to fusion


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