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Stieglitz19 ( is a gallery specialized in contemporary photography.

© Chad Moore

At Amber, Chad Moore

Lots of people talk about youth as a journey. But most journey’s have endings, or at least destinations. Chad Moore’s photographs capture that moment when the end of the journey, or even the journey itself, are but after thoughts in the narrative of the moment.

© Anders Petersen

Anders Petersen – Soho

For a month Petersen immersed himself in the life of the famous London district Soho.


Simple present, courtesy stieglitz19, © Bert Danckaert

Bert Danckaert | Simple Present

Sometimes it is as if everything in these pictures was moving but has come to a sudden halt. Or as if someone threw a handful of objects in the air, like in a children’s game, and they landed in an unexpected way – waiting for Bert Danckaert to turn up to photograph them.

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