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PRIVATE 52, Insook Kim, p. 62-63(67)

Kim Insook | SAIESEO_Between Two Koreas & Japan

Responses of South-Koreans towards ‘Koreans in Japan’ are usually divided into two types: ‘indifference’ and ‘extreme interest’.


PRIVATE 52, p. 68-69

Eric Perriard | Spleen

Born in South Korea in 1980, I was adopted at the age of 6 and raised in France. I returned to my native country 20 years later


PRIVATE 52, Eun Koung Ko, p. 72-73(75)

Eun Koung Ko | Korean in Germany

n the early 1960s, West Germany achieved rapid economic development, while on the contrary, South Korea was in extreme poverty. At that time Korea’s gross national product (GNP) was only $79. It was impossible to build factories and to create jobs, so the unemployment rate reached 40 percent. While West Germany made remarkable progress, they […]


PRIVATE 52, p. 76-77

Nils Clauss | South Korea – Shot by Shot

This “picture diary” is a project, which has been executed for a year in 2008. By taking a daily picture throughout a year, I illustrated my everyday life here in South Korea.


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