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PRIVATE 52, Insook Kim, p. 62-63(67)

Kim Insook | SAIESEO_Between Two Koreas & Japan

Responses of South-Koreans towards ‘Koreans in Japan’ are usually divided into two types: ‘indifference’ and ‘extreme interest’.


PRIVATE 52, p. 68-69

Eric Perriard | Spleen

Born in South Korea in 1980, I was adopted at the age of 6 and raised in France. I returned to my native country 20 years later


PRIVATE 52, Eun Koung Ko, p. 72-73(75)

Eun Koung Ko | Korean in Germany

n the early 1960s, West Germany achieved rapid economic development, while on the contrary, South Korea was in extreme poverty. At that time Korea’s gross national product (GNP) was only


PRIVATE 52, p. 76-77

Nils Clauss | South Korea – Shot by Shot

This “picture diary” is a project, which has been executed for a year in 2008. By taking a daily picture throughout a year, I illustrated my everyday life here in


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