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Johannesburg, South Africa - 2015. A citizen of "Joburg"

Egoli – The City Of Gold

Egoli, the city of gold, the dramatic and poignant story of the South African mines and the apartheid regime around which the industry has been enhanced.


A youngster was ordered to distance himself from the rest of the group for a while because he was making noise during classes. September 17th 2014

Restore and Revive, by Frank Trimbos

South Africa is in the top 10 with the highest drug and alcohol abuse rate worldwide. A numerous rehab facilities a located throughout the country located mostly on remote areas. A significant part of these rehab centers is Christianity-based.


Eunice Magwa at home, Dunoon, Cape town, 2014

Between Home and Wisdom

Between Home and Wisdom is a portraits photographic project. The images were captured in the township of Dunoon, were about 30.000 people live at the doorsteps of Cape Town. The project was inspired by a group of urban weavers who besides making baskets and bags are also Sangomas. In the South African culture are those who […]


Freestate, South Africa, January 2014 - Charlotte Hertz, 58 years


Fallen is a serie portraits of residents who are living on a remote squatter camp in the province Freestate, South Africa. These people are living on or under the poverty line and are considered as ‘white poverty’… (photo essay by Frank Trimbos)


HEILBRON, SOUTH AFRICA - Oct 2013. The initiation of a new Sangoma is an exclusive experience filled with traditions and rituals. Only the local community, friends and family are invited to witness the Sangoma initiation. Normally outsiders and cameras are not allowed. It is a unique experience, because Sangomas believe they are being chosen by their ancestors to become a traditional healer. The harmony between the living and the death in the afterlife must be intact, so that the ancestors can protect and guide the living. Animal sacrifice and ritual dance are therefore vital elements during a Sangoma initiation.

Frank Trimbos | Sangoma Initiation

Sangomas are the practitioners of traditional African medicine in Southern Africa. Animal sacrifices, ancestors consultations, herbs, meditation, ritual songs and dance are key aspects of the traditional sangoma healing. These traditional healers receive an extreme amount of respect, devotion and faith from a large amount of the South African population. Although there is a significant […]


Cape Town, South Africa - March 2012. View of a Flat in Bishop Lavis township.

Gianmarco Panucci | Gangsterism

Gangs in the Cape Flats started to appear in the 1966, when the District Six and other zones situated in the center of the town, were declared a “whites-only” areas, due to the apartheid regime.


Painting over the Present, South Africa

Graeme Williams | Painting over the Present

In this essay I have focused on the environments occupied by some of South Africa’s poorest people. It would seem that although wealth and power have shifted hands since the first democratic elections in 1994, many of the benefits of these shifts have failed to filter down to grassroots level.


PRIVATE 54, Roger Ballen, p. 8-9 (13)

Roger Ballen | Birds

A few years ago, I found an old house in Johannesburg, South Africa. This place has become the focus of my photography for the past few years.



Cécile Mella | Fictional Cape Town

Fictional Cape Town is a series of photographs taken in and around tv commercial production’s sets. It focuses on the foreign advertising production industry in and around Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Town has a surprisingly large film industry. It’s not like Bollywood or Nollywood (Nigeria), where home- grown stories dominate. Most shoots are in fact advertisements […]


PRIVATE 48, p. 64-65 (64-67)

Ilan Godfrey | Remade

South Africa is entering a second period of significant change since the end of Apartheid. I was in Johannesburg for this momentous occasion and made my vote on the 22nd April 2009.


PRIVATE 36, p. 18-19 (18-21), John Robinson | Duduza, place of hope

John Robinson | Duduza, place of hope

An old prison once derelict and abandoned is ironically now the home of about 12 Pietermaritzburg children. Some of them are very young


PRIVATE 36, p. 2-27 (26-29), Neo Ntsoma | Indigenous Games

Neo Ntsoma | Indigenous Games

This is what began as an initiative by South African Department of Sports and Creation to revive the games once played by former


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