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Joseph Dass with an 80 year old inmate. Kolkata, India, 2014

Jayati Saha | Home of Hope

Whenever I went out on the street of this metropolis that I have been living in for the last 30 years, one thing that always made me feel helpless and depressed…


Tivoli, Italy - February 2013   Andrei in his new home in Tivoli, near Rome.

Fabio Moscatelli | Arriving Somewhere, not here…

Andrei is a 10 year-old boy and just a while ago he was living the cheerful life that every child deserves to live. With the occurrence of the economic crisis his father got fired and his mum moved to Italy to find a job. Over the months, the absence of his mother as well as […]


Courtyard of Kopi, Berlin on November the 19th 2012

Sébastien Van Malleghem | The Last Shelter

Berlin is considered like one the hippest cities of Europe. It is renowned for its trendy nightlife, its underground sub culture, and its inexpensive bohemian way of life…


Versilia, Italia, summer 2011

Federica Di Giovanni | Camping Italia

Camping Italy is sea smell mixed with Autan, fried or grilled onions, and pinewood. Perhaps, it’s mixed with water and salt too, something deep inside that you do not know how to identify.


Un des baraquements du quartier de Molinary. Les 24 Chambres sont un bâtiment à l'identique.

Salah Benacer | The 24 Rooms

C’est l’histoire d’une violence silencieuse lorsque personne ne comprend plus rien mais qu’une autre logique prend le dessus et broie tout sur son passage sans regarder en arrière…


© Chim.
Children playing on Omaha beach, Normandy, France, 1947

We Went Back: Photos from Europe 1933–1956 by Chim

This retrospective exhibition traces the development of Chim’s career as an intellectually engaged photojournalist, placing his life and work in the broader context of 1930s–50s photography and European politics.

East Timor, Dili, August 2012. Eaterys in the waterfront.

Albertina d’Urso | East Timor will dance alone

According to the United Nation’s Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, East Timor is ready for the withdrawal of hundreds of international peacekeepers stationed there.


TARANTO, ITALY - January 2013. Smoke rising from the smokestacks of ILVA. The cemetery of Tamburi lies just beneath the plant.

Jean-Marc Caimi and Valentina Piccinni | Death metal

The factory of ILVA in Taranto is a 12.000 employees steel factory. In the recent months a police investigation discovered that the factory has been polluting, with dioxin and several others carcinogenic chemicals…

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ATHENS, GREECE - September 2012. Immigrants loiter on Athinas street in central Athens. Most of Athens' immigrant population finds refuge, legal and illegal employment in the city's historic center.

Marcos Andronicou | Athens: Life in the Broken City

A volatile air of misery and uncertainty has plagued the Greek capital since the onset of the Global Economic Crisis in 2008.


Bali, Indonesia, November 2011. Nengah, 56 years old, schizophrenic for 11 years, in chain for 5 years. His family doesn't release him otherwise he becomes aggressive.

Giulio Paletta | Mental disease in paradise

Mental disease in Bali is not an easy thing. The secluded and traditional Balinese community doesn’t accept the existance of this illness.


Cape Town, South Africa - March 2012. View of a Flat in Bishop Lavis township.

Gianmarco Panucci | Gangsterism

Gangs in the Cape Flats started to appear in the 1966, when the District Six and other zones situated in the center of the town, were declared a “whites-only” areas, due to the apartheid regime.


The figure of Christ is one of the few constants in their lives

Emanuele Nutile | Noroc Maroc

Noroc Maroc is about a group of five Romanian Gypsies who have settled in Barcelona for more than five years, leaving behind really tough life experiences.


Iñapari, January 2012, A haitian refugee walks along the bridge that separates Iñapari (Peru) with Assis, in Brazil. This bride was close to them for almost 4 months.

Leslie Searles | The Third Frontier

The aim of the project was to explore the conditions of Haitian immigrants who were stranded for four months in the Peruvian border with Brazil, while in search of the Brazilian dream.


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