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Moscow, train station


The urban fabric takes the vision of the post-industrial landscape, time stands still, and the apparent mystery and the sense of abandonment takes over the pulsating rhythm just in places



Life at sea

Here in the pictures is one of the small, almost abandoned villages on the shore of the Barents sea. Once an important trade port of the region, now left behind




In Yakutian “Sitim” is the immaterial connection between a person and anything else. It is the mystical force of attraction that like an invisible thread unites man and the universe.


Katya Yushkevich. Four Letters. First – L


FotoDepartament presents young photographers’ group exhibition «We-ll-timed» as part of IX Moscow International Biennial “FASHION AND STYLE IN PHOTOGRAPHY 2015. Participants: Natalya Baluta (Moscow) / Filipp Beloborodof (Petersburg) / Alexey

Perdue au milieu de la toundra à 400km au nord du cercle polaire, Norilsk n’a pas de liaisons terrestres avec le reste du monde. Cependant, les voies fluviales, maritimes et aériennes permettent à la vie d'être rattachée au reste de la Russie : 'le continent'. Norilsk est reliée par la route et le train à la ville portuaire de Doudinka, un peu plus au nord. Doudinka ouvre ensuite sur les routes maritimes de Mourmousk et Arkhangelsk, permettant un contact avec la civilisation.  De plus, en été, de juin à septembre, le fleuve Ienisseï est navigable et permet de relier en bateau Norilsk à Krasnoïarsk, plus au sud. Au temps de Staline, la route périlleuse menant au Goulag de Norilsk était surnommée la route de la mort, tant le voyage pour atteindre la ville du nord était difficile.

Jours de Nuit – Nuits de Jour

The photos show moments of daily life inside Norilsk, important mining and metallurgic center in Russia, the world’s northernmost city with more than 100,000 inhabitants.


Ekaterina Vasilyeva | Monastic island Konevets

I wanted to know how do people live on an island and what is the monastery life. Taking into account that I am pretty far from a religious person, this


Budnik. Moscow. July 2010

Olya Ivanova | Weirdo

I tried to convey the complexity of adolescent identity and high intense feeling that adults will never be able to feel again. Both emotionally and physically these people feel like


Perm, Russia - May 2012.Passers trough the window of one the most exclusive soviet time cars "Volga".

Alnis Stakle | Lenin Street

Once, in the times of the Soviet Union, almost every town had a Lenin Street. Usually this name was bestowed on the historically most significant and geographically most central street


MOSCOW - JANUARY 2012.  Doves 1

Katerina Slesar | Doves and the City

For many Muscovites street pigeons are largely ignored or unnoticed, or considered agents for spreading diseases in the city, which is a common misconception. However, for some people, pigeons are


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