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Farmer Chernov in front of his barn. Assorino Village. Kostroma region. July, 2016


A project about people who remain the last inhabitants of the Russian deserted villages. Those who stayed refer to this area as Desert.


Mahan Forest, Singrauli, M.P, India, April 2013

Vinit Gupta | Where They Belong

This Project, Where they Belong, metaphorically focuses on the worldwide phenomenon of development, industrial expansions and its consequences…


Landscape (El Calafate, Patagonia)

Gabriele Orlini | Minimal histories

Minimum histories is the stage of a journey, an meeting with the Men who breathe the land at the end of the world.


10/05/2011 - Father Fontes is known for his wisdom in witchcraft and herbs, Vilar de Perdizes, Portugal

Miguel Proença | Behind The Hill

Man always search answers. Throughout history, throughout the ages, we are continually looking for ways to justify our existence, reasons to justify what our mind could not. Long time ago, some truths were taken for granted…


PRIVATE 55 | Rurality Now

The last global farmers shelter in rifts and unreachable ravines enveloped in loneliness huddle on the margins and scraps of earth still damp from warm, organic contact and human touch. Precarious land that is alive because of extreme poverty.

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Michele Smargiassi | Rurality now

When they came to tell us that farming without farmers could exist we smiled. But now we have uninhabited expanses of land, mechanization, greenhouse plants untouched by human hand.



Alessandro Toscano | New Shepherds in Sardinia

A reportage made about Sardinian farms which employ foreign people who from the background keep have transformed a profession which has always characterized the Sardinian economy and culture


PRIVATE 07, Cârás, memorie dall’OltrePo - photos  GIanfranco Mazzocchi

PRIVATE 7 | Cârás, memorie dall’OltrePo

A voyage in the places of memory. Visions, memories, experiences of life in the Pavese OltrePo between the Fifties and Sixties. A tale told in images, with dialactic poetry.


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