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Waiting for the Romanian royal family arriving onboard the royal train. Bucharest North, 2013.

Bucuresti Nord

People come, people go, some everyday, some loose the train forever and never leave, as if the train station is enchanted, magic as a man one day told me.



Weird moon…

30/12/2015 Brasov Romania Gianluca John Attanasio A shining, yellow moon is high, above a curtain of fog. Away, wolves howl: angry beasts are looking for food right now. Reality and legend narrate tales taken from a dark, old Millennium… Fear and mystery surround cold nights in Transylvania. The Snow frezees crystals of spectral truth, immortalized by […]


The figure of Christ is one of the few constants in their lives

Emanuele Nutile | Noroc Maroc

Noroc Maroc is about a group of five Romanian Gypsies who have settled in Barcelona for more than five years, leaving behind really tough life experiences.


Florina is twenty and works as a cowherd in a remote village in the poorest region of Romania, Moldova. When she was fifteen she witnessed her drunk father killing her mother. He's in prison for few more years. 10/07/2010

Chiara Ceolin | Florina

Florina witnessed her drunk father beating her mother to death. She was fifteen at that time. Her sister and herself were put in an orphanage, their father in prison. Three years later she turned eighteen and left the orphanage.


On a bus along the Vişeu Valley, 2007.

Luigi Fiano | Maramures

hen I first started to work as freelance photographer in 2007, I went to Romania because I wanted to show the social changing of this country after its entrance in the EU. Arrived in Bucarest, I suddenly realized that this transformation was deeply started, almost twenty years before, after the end of Nicolae Ceauşescu dictatorship […]


Julien Pebrel, PRIVATE 53

Julien Pebrel | Sulina, the European Far-East

At 0 km from the Danube, Sulina’s old lighthouse is only a symbol. The eastern gate of the European Union since the accession of Romania in 2007, it illuminates no more cargo…



Alex Tomazatos | Homeland

The youngest land in Romania has fascinated people and still does. Every year, the beauties of this wetland bring hundreds of thousands of tourists to the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve



Tamas Paczai | Dream about Motherland

Stories from today’s Romania: the preserved ancient lifestyle of Transylvania and the haunting consequences of the village destruction policies of the 60s and 70s. The title


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