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Mytilene, Agrilia Kratigou’s beach, Lesvos, March 2017. The photograph shows the thermal image of the coast of Turkey, near Cesme. Thermal devices are used for the patrol and the identification of refugee boats that arrive clandestinely from Turkey.

Where The West Sets

The series of photographs reflects the consequences that the refugee crisis is having… feelings of hostility, fear, and xenophobia among the Greeks.


An elderly lady sells her goods

Paris’ despised refugee Ragpickers

It is known by Marche des Biffins, or the ‘ragpickers’ market. Most of the goods are scavenged from rubbish bins around Paris by refugees and gypsies.


London, United Kingdom - 9 October 2016. “I’m Alaa but my friends call me Ali. I am from Damascus, Syria.”

From War and Trafficking to London’s Tech Scene

This photo series gives a face and a voice to London’s refugee tech students. As they begin a new journey, their past continues to hover over them.


Aegean Sea, Greece winter 2016

Caesura – the duration of a sigh

“Caesura” is a collection of photographs about the transitory identity state of refugees and migrants entering Greece after crossing the Aegean Sea on their way to Europe



Refugee children

War and conflict in countries like Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan caused massive migration of their residents to neighboring countries.


Paris, France - January 2016. *Ibrahim (22) and Shabab (22) confront the cold winter of Paris living in the Place de la Republic

Afghani refugees call Paris’ Place de la Republic home

Place de la Republic in Paris is a symbol of “living together” for the French especially after recent terror attacks that claimed more than 130 lives, yet for 400 Afghani refugees it has become home.


Bari (former school Socrate), May 2014 - Chad migrant (19 years old) in apparent confusion (amplified by the use of alcohol).

Second Reception – photo essay by Marco Sacco

I tried to show in the most neutral and clear their condition.


Paul is an illegal refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo. He worked for a political party, who lost the last election. Some of his friends were killed by the police and authorities, and they are now looking for him. Paul has lived underground in Kathmandu for more than three years. He was too afraid of having his photo taken.

Urban Refugees in Nepal

It is well known that Nepal is home to some 20,000 Tibetan refugees, who came to the country after China invaded Tibet… (photo essay by Jan Møller Hansen Jan Møller Hansen)


New Delhi, India-June 2013

Rohit Gautam | Plight of Hindu Refugee from Pakistan

A group of Hindu families that came to India from Pakistan two years ago lives at a temporary shelter in a makeshift camp at Majnu Ka Tilla in North Delhi.


Bari, Italy - Jan 2011. A view from the courtyard of the Socrate.

Massimo Barberio | The Neverending Story – South Antifa

It’s very important to remember that all the immigrants that arrive from Africa in Italy, are seen in a very suspicious way in a nation day by day more intolerant…


Adults and children can fish and bathe in the Alazani river. The river flows through the Pankisi valley.

Gianni Giosue | The Chechen refugees in the Pankisi Valley

The Pankisi Valley is situated in the Republic of Georgia. Once part of the Soviet monolith, Georgia became independent following the collapse of the Soviet Union. Unfortunately the country turned soon in to a failed state where…


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