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PRIVATE 56 | School

Good news, it infuses this issue with a sense of joy, and with an aspect of carefree childhood seized in flight. There is a feeling of solemnity, but a tender

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PRIVATE 56, p. 3

Pierre-François Moreau | School

Good news, it infuses this issue with a sense of joy, and with an aspect of carefree childhood seized in flight. There is a feeling of solemnity, but a tender


PRIVATE 56, p. 10-11

Matias Costa | Schools in Mali

In Mali, 85% of women suffer genital mutilation. Nearly 66% leave school early, and one in every five are forced to marry before the age of fifteen. Half of the


Gülşin Ketenci, Combined Class in Agri, Turkey, PRIVATE 56, p. 16-17

Gülşin Ketenci | Combined Class in Agri

Bozoglak Cavuslu Primary school is located in the Kurdish village of Patnos, Agri. The school has two combined classes and 80 students.


PRIVATE 56, p. 20-21

Marcello Fauci | Primary school in Khan Younis

Khan Younis is the biggest among the five districts in Gaza, located in the South of the Strip. It includes all Eastern territories bordering with Israel.


Edwin Koo | Schools in Pakistan

For my personal project ‘Paradise Lost’, I have been photographing the Northwest of Pakistan since 2009, when conflict broke out and drove more than 3 million people from their home


Wendy McMurdo, Technology and identity, Usa, PRIVATE 56, p. 28-31

Wendy McMurdo | Technology and identity

Her work often explores the role of digital technology in the construction of identity, particularly in relation to the psychological world of children and young people.


PRIVATE 56. p. 32-33

Gitta van Buuren | School in Uruzgan

Today it is almost impossible to photograph Afghan schools. Following frequent attacks by the Taliban and other orthodox elements on schools’ students and teachers who are often girls and women,


Mattia Vacca, Primary Education in rural China, PRIVATE 56, p. 36-39

Mattia Vacca | Primary Education in rural China

Primary and secondary education in China is always free, however students must pay school expenses, for example textbooks and notebooks.


PRIVATE 56, p. 40-41

Bertrand Gaudillère | A corps et à Craie

‘A Corps et à craie’ is not a school report, it is a memoir of the universe I photographed during a three year period. The project is a personal look


PRIVATE 56, p. 46-47

Céline Anaya Gautier | Unidad Escolar Patacancha

Situated in the region of CUSCO, in the heights of Ollantaytambo, P[eru, at 4800 meters altitude, the school Unidad Escolar Patacancha welcomes the region’s children.


PRIVATE 56, p. 50-51

Carlos Alvarez Montero | The Mexican Railway

More than 20 years ago the Licenciado Adolfo Lopez Mateos railway school carriage reached its final destination in the Valley of Mexico, after years of traveling from town to town


PRIVATE 56, p. 56-57

Alys Tomlinson | The College on the Hill

Just off a small roundabout in the middle of the English countryside lies New College Worcester. At first glance, it is a regular secondary school and sixth form, set in


Alessandro Vincenzi, The Hidden School, Belarus, PRIVATE 56, p.  62-67

Alessandro Vincenzi | The Hidden School

With the outset of Perestroika and the collapse of the Soviet Union, many former republics faced the task of restructuring and redefining their educational systems. On the 6th of December


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