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You are only dust amidst dust. You are only just visible even if you gesticulate, even if you make a commotion, even if you speak loud and clearly: you act

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PRIVATE 54, Roger Ballen, p. 8-9 (13)

Roger Ballen | Birds

A few years ago, I found an old house in Johannesburg, South Africa. This place has become the focus of my photography for the past few years.


Dorothy-Shoes, PRIVATE 54

Dorothy-Shoes | Monologues and Dystopias

Dorothy-Shoes’ origins in theater and set-design serve as her inspiration for her artistic expression. A natural storyteller, she now tells her stories with images.


Adam Pańczuk, PRIVATE 54

Adam Pańczuk | Karczeby

In one of the dialects spoken in East Poland, which is a mixture of Polish and Belarusian, people strongly attached to the soil they had been cultivating for generations were


Lyle Owerko, PRIVATE 54

Lyle Owerko | The Samburu

There are many stories about the ancient history and exact origin of the Samburu – sometimes referred to as ‘The Butterfly People’. The events of their beginnings have been passed


Benjamin Goss, PRIVATE 54

Benjamin Goss | Breathe

I have always been curious and fascinated about slight expressions, movements of the face. The story telling of the eyes, and who we are or become when in front of


Stephen Dupont, PRIVATE 54

Stephen Dupont | Sing-Sing

tephen Dupont’s Polaroid portraits from Sing-Sing, shot on 665 negative positive black and white film, are moments captured during preparation for the annual festival at Mount Hagen in Papua New


Angela Bacon-Kidwell, PRIVATE 54

Angela Bacon-Kidwell | Traces of existence

The motive in this body of work is to mend the tension and tragedy created when conflicting emotions meet.


Hans Jacob Haarseth, PRIVATE 54

Hans Jacob Haarseth | Scenes from abandoned houses

It is said that old houses have a soul. Who has not been in an old and abandoned house and let the thoughts wander. Who were the people who lived


Lori Vrba, PRIVATE 54

Lori Vrba | Piano Farm

y daughter Olivia began piano lessons at the age of 6, on an old upright nestled into a converted sleeping porch on Emerson Farm. Sara is her teacher and the


PRIVATE 54, Sarolta Bán, p. 56-57 (59)

Sarolta Bán | Dreams

bout three years ago I discovered digital photo manipulations and I quickly fell in love with it. It’s like playing and it gives almost unlimited possibilities to develop many ideas.


Mi Zhou, PRIVATE 54

Mi Zhou | The Earth

hat attracted me was the simplicity and basic idea in human history, when people still treated nature with awe and fear. They lived the simple and primitive life, with their


Ross McDonnell, PRIVATE 54

Ross McDonnell | Turkana. Cultures of change

hese images document, from a cultural perspective, the impact of climate change on the tribal communities of the Turkana people of Northwestern Kenya. The Turkana are pastoralist communities and are


Matt Black, PRIVATE 54

Matt Black | The Kingdom of Dust

Rising from the remnants of what was once a vast inland sea, California’s Central Valley is an agricultural empire unparalleled in the history of the world. Covering an area larger


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