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PRIVATE 37, an Ecological Question

PRIVATE 37 | an Ecological Question

The destruction of our environment – albeit caused by natural disasters – involves parties (communities, governments or industrial players) and is often the result of a multiplicity of factors: human negligence, inadequate planning, criminal abuse of our resources, natural causes. This issue of PRIVATE offers its readers a selection of photographs that touches onto the many facets of the environment.

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Alessio Zanelli | Getaway

Mist and dew / no longer inhabit the dale. / Plumes of smoke are the reeds / in the miry oxbows. / And the snow-hearted boy / who ran above the sky / on feet of Favonius / and with locks of Sol…

PRIVATE Photographers

Pedro Isztin | In situ

The land, the trees, the sky, the water, the world we have made in the midst of the world as it is. The people we are making of ourselves from the people we are and the people we have been.

PRIVATE Photographers

Nanda Gonzague | Living in Sevesia

Thirty years after the Seveso incident in Italy and four years after the A.Z.F. factory explosion, many areas in Europe have been placed under the jurisdiction of the Seveso II directive. There are an estimated million people living in separate alert zones.

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