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Mastering this split image is the role which photographers of African origin have assigned themselves, sometimes against their better judgement, in order to avoid misunderstandings.

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PRIVATE 36, p. 8-9 (8-11), Guy Tillim | Soldiers

Guy Tillim | Soldiers

Guy Tillim’s Soldiers series of black-and-white handprints were taken between December 2002 and January 2003 and convey the devastating



Argo Spier | Growing visible

In the dark dawn glow / of a dying night / growing visible / a slight movement of a hand / gripping the image of a ram / dying under a lion’s claw


PRIVATE 36, p. 12-13 (12-17), Jodi Bieber | A weapon of war – sexual violence

Jodi Bieber | A weapon of war – sexual violence

On the shore of Lake Tanganyika, Baraka has been the scene of unceasing suffering since the first war started in the



Patricia Jabbeh Wesley | City

At night, it is like fire / spreading beneath us. / This vast city / aflame, and the plane / groaning. / The city is more beautiful / from the sky at night. / At noon, it looks like / a worn-out garage, / a thing in the middle…


PRIVATE 36, p. 18-19 (18-21), John Robinson | Duduza, place of hope

John Robinson | Duduza, place of hope

An old prison once derelict and abandoned is ironically now the home of about 12 Pietermaritzburg children. Some of them are very young



Patricia Jabbeh Wesley | The Morning After: An Elegy

My husband and I gather our remaining lives / the morning after. I snatch away memories / of childhood, adolescence, college, where my life / was a bittersweet of books, boys, my father’s…


PRIVATE 36, p. 22-23 (22-25), Ananias Léki Dago | Cross shaped Bamako

Ananias Léki Dago | Cross shaped Bamako

Africa is a continent that keeps constantly changing. All African big cities are becoming urbanized each in a different manner. For instance,


PRIVATE 36, p. 2-27 (26-29), Neo Ntsoma | Indigenous Games

Neo Ntsoma | Indigenous Games

This is what began as an initiative by South African Department of Sports and Creation to revive the games once played by former


PRIVATE 36, p. 30-31 (30-35), Chris Kirchhoff | Circles of faith

Chris Kirchhoff | Circles of faith

I have a fascination for exploration and discovery and have traveled widely from Antarctica to Mongolia and across Africa. My photography



Lawore Olufemi | The world, Africa and Nigeria

The world a clayey pot / Africa-the food inside the pot / Nigeria the salt inside the food / let us protect the pot from collapse / let us make an hygiene food / and let not the salt go wasted…


PRIVATE 36, p. 36-37 (36-39), Matthew Willman | The Inanda Heritage Collec

Matthew Willman | The Inanda Heritage Collection

The Inanda Heritage Route in KwaZulu-Natal lies a few kilometers north of Durban, stretching from the Indian Ocean where the Umgeni River



Terry a O’Neal | Shadow Dancer

Beautiful / Spirit of the night / Her shadow appears / abstract– / As her body contours / under the moonlight / She does the nagla dance / With beads dangling between her breasts…



Odimegwu Onwumere | Ecology

One day I left my home / To the evil forest in my land / To see nature as it was / During a dry season. / I saw ants were busy/diligent / Gathering their crust-food. / Each of them goes in, comes out / To gather more of the food…


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