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Untitle 01 Lima 2013

Leslie Searles | Radiografias

In these portraits, the x-ray prints their corporal expressions with traces of pain and reconstruction histories inside their bodies, still forming.


Iñapari, January 2012, A haitian refugee walks along the bridge that separates Iñapari (Peru) with Assis, in Brazil. This bride was close to them for almost 4 months.

Leslie Searles | The Third Frontier

The aim of the project was to explore the conditions of Haitian immigrants who were stranded for four months in the Peruvian border with Brazil, while in search of the Brazilian dream.


PRIVATE 56, p. 46-47

Céline Anaya Gautier | Unidad Escolar Patacancha

Situated in the region of CUSCO, in the heights of Ollantaytambo, P[eru, at 4800 meters altitude, the school Unidad Escolar Patacancha welcomes the region’s children.


Ernesto Benavides, PRIVATE 53

Ernesto Benavides | Fallout of the guano fever

The imbalance between need and consumerism has upset the equilibrium of nature. But in the current scenario, people are forced to eke out a living, sometimes in extreme circumstances.


Marco Garro, PRIVATE 53

Marco Garro | Under the shadow

The small towns from the Andes were the most affected during the internal armed conflict that Peru had to face for 20 years (1980’s to 2000). People lived in a continuous state of fear due to the presence of the terrorist groups…


Filippo Mutani (7.9 - Earthquake aftermath)

Filippo Mutani | 7.9 – Earthquake aftermath

These images were taken 5 days after a 7.9 degree earthquake that devastated the Peruvian coast and buried more than 500 bodies. The country now needs to look ahead.


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