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AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS - February 2016 - Stroll through the narrow alleys of Red Light District

Through the red-lit alleys of Amsterdam

Architecture, Canals, Bicycles, Cannabis, Prostitution… yes, the only name pops in mind is Amsterdam, the capital of Netherlands.


Mentouri University, Constantine, Algeria, 2013, from the "Concrete Spring" Series. © Jason Oddy / Gallery Vassie

Perihelion – Jason Oddy a Retrospective Exhibition

At the heart of Oddy’s work lies the question, how different types of architecture might imply or produce different types of people.

The Houari Boumediene University of Science & Technology, Bab-Ezzouar, Algiers, Algeria, 2013 by Jason Oddy

Seen UnSeen: 3rd Edition

The criteria for the UnSeen fair is that all of the work exhibited must be new work. Presenting a fresh & excitingly curated exhibition of beautiful, significant & previously unseen photographs.

Blue Door Columbus, Ohio by Daniel Mirer

ArchitorSpace by Daniel Mirer

allery Vassie is extremely proud to present ‘ArchitorSpace’, a monumental and colourful look at modern architecture, by the noted American, Amsterdam-based photographer Daniel Mirer. Taken between 2001 & 2009, ArchitorSpace pays homage to the grandeur of architecture. The photographs in this exhibition are a lavish display of architectural images, which are sensitive and intelligent observations […]

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