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New Jalpaiguri, India-January 2017- Titled-- " The beginning of a new day; favored us in a silver lining!"

Lost and found; again!

Friendship! A term that I thought cease to exist, as we get wrapped up more within the appreciation of the living animation of the so called…


KOLKATA, INDIA -MAY 2016 An ant, intrgued by the presence of a new visitor who was trying to get an insight of their lives

Weaver Ants, a closer look

This is a short excerpt from a society that thrives right under our noses, weaver ants, and the struggles they have to face in order to sustain their race.



Morning Melody and other poems

[morning melody] You might have stayed up All night, clicking at every link To your daydream, searching For a soulmate in the cyberspace You might have enjoyed an early dose


Mongolian Herder standing on the rocks of the Gobi Desert. Dundgovi Province, Mongolia.

Matteo Allegro | Mongolian Nomad Herders

Mongolia is a fantastic place where to experience real adventures, a never ending wild plain from the Gobi Desert to the green steppe of Dornod. During my trip to Mongolia,


Stuart Matthews | In Search of Hope: Climate Displacement in Bangladesh

The people of Bangladesh bear witness to the continued destruction that climate change is having on their densely populated country every day.


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