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Sabrina Merolla. Sept. 18, 2015: A blackboard announces the start of 24Hours Project's Exhibition, as people pass through the glass doors of Slash Gallery and Bar in Naples, Italy.

Twenty-four Hours to Document the Human Condition of Our Cities

Born in 2012 as a restricted collective mobile photo project, the 24Hour Project has quickly become a huge event, involving more than 2000 persons around the world only this year. In occasion of their exhibition and workshop in Naples (Italy), we have met Renzo Grande, one of the two creators of this brilliant street photo […]

Naples, Italy-March 2015. G. rests on a bench inside the Institute.

About a boy, another (extra)ordinary story. Photo essay by Claudio Menna

G. attends an Institute for people with visual and psycho-physical pathology. The mental delay has always defined his life and conditioning it for good or for worse.




Emersa dall’esperienza di Io vivo come te, mostra fotografica ispirata a Pino Daniele e alla sua prospettiva disincantata sulla città di Napoli, MaggioOff si propone come antologica di un progetto collettivo in gestazione, ma sempre più chiaramente rivolto a riunire un numero crescente di fotografi partenopei attorno alla sfida di reinterpretare il territorio, superando la […]



…the magic and the real blend together, in order to question the photographs themselves, their sacrality, their value as icons Through Erased, first personal retrospective hold in his hometown, multi-prized Neapolitan photojournalist Eduardo Castaldo shows a personal argumentative approach to his previous visual experiences and memories. The exhibition in itself focuses on the photographer’s inner world, […]

© Mario Spada

Virgin Mary’s Blood

Virgin Mary’s Bleeding is an incomparable experience from both, human and photographic perspectives. Sacred and profane, live theatre performances, tribal dances, ecstatic rituals are all mixed and mingled together, in a unique ritual festivity in which everyone is required to “exaggerate”. Photographer Mario Spada will firstly introduce Bleeding Virgin Mary’s pilgrimage, with the aid of his […]

© Daniele Veneri

I Live Like You

Photo exhibition I Live Like You Venue details: Church of St. Biagio Maggiore, via San Gregorio Armeno 35-39, 80138 Napoli, Italy | Official Website: | Event date: from 19-03-2015 to 02-04-2015 | Opening hours Tue. – Sat.: 10 am – 1 pm; 4 – 7 pm; Sundays: 10 am – 1 pm; Mondays: Closed[/box] A visual inception to start narrating this paradise […]

From Lina Pallotta's 20 years long project "Porpora e Valerie".

Napoli: Visual Story-Telling, workshop with Lina Pallotta

Well-known photographer Lina Pallotta’s STORY TELLING workshop will last three days. The experience is specifically aimed to photographers realizing a personal long-term photo project. How to transform an idea in a series of images and a comprehensive story? This the main lead of these full-immersion classes. Students will be encouraged and pushed to re-analyze their […]

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