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Imi N'Tlit, Morocco Jan 2014 - The oil for cosmetic use is obtained with the aid of machineries, while the alimentary one is handmade, according to the ancient method.

The women of argan

The strong will of the 32 women who make up the community, allows to contrast every day, cultural restrictions of their country and the adversities of nature… (photo essay by


Casablanca / January 2010

Zara Samiry | The thief of Casablanca

In Casablanca, it is difficult to take pictures in the street. Somebody who walks with his camera over the shoulder raises the distrust and sometimes the aggressiveness of the passers-by.


Hicham Benohoud, La Salle de classe - PRIVATE 46, p. 20-21 (20-25)

Hicham Benohoud | La Salle de classe

La Salle de classe establishes the work of Hicham Benohoud who, for 15 years, has been questioning mainly the Moroccan Muslim culture.


Michel Lozano (Shipwrecks of the night)

Michel Lozano | Shipwrecks of the night

oping to find a better life in Europe, every year dozens of men, women and children die while tempting to cross the Strait of Gibraltar on board makeshift crafts, without


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